English luxury with a delightful Italian influence… we are proud to present our fragrance, bath & body collections. Fond memories of Italy led us to create four ranges, each with its own unique inspiration.

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Our exquisite packaging and fine fragrances will carry you away to the warmth and relaxation of an Italian summer… from a Tuscan farmhouse in the early morning to an evening walk through the orange groves or a vineyard overlooking an Italian lake.

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All made in the UK using the finest quality ingredients and free from parabens and harsh chemicals. Style, quality and attention to detail have been combined to create our truly indulgent range.

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Black Cherry

Black Cherry

& Almond

In a tranquil Tuscan piazza, under the dappled shade of almond trees, we relish the warmth of late afternoon sun. Delicious aromas of ripening fruit are carried on the warm breeze, creating a memory we will cherish forever...

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Wild Fig

Wild Fig

& Grape

Seduced by the exotic fragrance of wild fig and grape, we watch early sunlight stream through the foliage casting dancing shadows upon the walls of a Tuscan farmhouse.

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White Grape Group

White Grape

with Aloe

Ripening grapes still sparkle with dew in the rising heat of the sun; a landscape bursts with rich abundance amidst terraced vineyards high above Lake Corbora. All nature seems at work as Aloe growing wild in the sun kissed Umbrian earth, with aloe whispers a promise to sooth and nourish.

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Orange Blossom Group

Orange Blossom

with Wild Honey & Olive

After the heat of the day, we walk through the olive & orange groves above the bay of Naples, drawing in the soft, sweet fragrance carried on the evening breeze.

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