Di Palomo Tuscan Dreams - Peaceful Slumber Collection

A luxurious pairing of our calming Pillow Mist and relaxing Roll On Essential Oil.

Roll on relaxation! Simply roll the Essential Oil onto your skin at pressure points, wrists, behind the ears and feet, relax and reap the benefits. Then spritz the Pillow Mist indulgently on and around your pillow before bed and let the calming aromas transport you to Italy for a tranquil night’s sleep.

Include both as part of your bedtime relaxation ritual for a truly immersive relaxation experience

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As the sun dips below the Tuscan horizon, casting shadows over the tranquil vineyards and rolling fields of lavender, they release their warm calming scent making your evening stroll through the groves even more dreamy under the star filled indigo sky…

Inspired by the lavender fields of Tuscany at dusk, let the soothing tones of Lavender & Chamomile ease your mind and lull you to sleep...

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Additional Information

Product Code 75004DP


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